About Us

Our Mission

What else but to attend fully and successfully to the specific desires of each and every customer. Additionally, our mission statement extends to being a company the society will be proud of.


Company Profile

Bien Aimé ltd was founded by Mr. Charalambos Nicolaou in 1981. Since the first breath of the company the motto of Bien Aimé was to be one with the customer.

The company was named Bien Aimé because the founder was frequently called by his customers , colleagues and friends a good and lovable person thus he decided to name the company Bien Aimé of which 'bien' means good (Spanish and Italian).

Bien Aimé imports, manufactures and sells toiletries and cosmetics engaging in new product development daily in an effort to always be there for the needs of its customers.

All antibacterial products are registered and approved.

Cosmetics licence: 9